Bravely be you.

Yoga Teacher, Doula, Healer


Hiya. I'm Annie. It's lovely to meet you.It takes a lot of work to truly be you. Life can rush you along so quickly, it's hard to find the time to consider what you really think and feel without feeling guilty about that unanswered email or missing your friend's birthday.This is why I am passionate about providing ways to hold space, support and create moments for you to just be yourself. Whether you are looking for birth support, healing or simply a yoga session, I will help you be present and focus on finding that piece of you you're looking for.


I completed my training in Nepal back in 2017, studying a very traditional and intensive form of Hatha and pranayama. Since then I have developed my own style of teaching, bringing elements of traditional Hatha, restorative poses and breath work to create peaceful classes that leave you feeling lighter and deeply stretched.Maybe you're just starting out or maybe you've been practising for a while, either way I'd love to have you in class to help you to find some calm and connection to yourself.Hatha yoga class - A fun but focussed class suitable for all levels. We concentrate on breathing, stretching and strengthening in a calm-paced Hatha flow.
Mondays: 6.30pm-7.30pm and 8pm-9pm
Restorative Hatha yoga class - A peaceful class suitable for all ages and levels. We focus on stretching and gently increasing strength and flexibility in a relaxed series of poses.
Fridays: 9.30am-10.30am
All classes take place at Pill Community Centre, BS20 0AE.
Please bring along your own mat.

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The journey to and through parenthood is a lot. It can feel joyful, overwhelming, exciting, unexpected and pretty much every other emotion at some point.Sometimes it's really important to have someone on your side through it all and that is where I like to be.Deciding to get a doula can be a pivotal moment in your parenthood journey. A doula listens, supports, lifts and gives true care to her parents-to-be.Who am I as a doula? Well, firstly I truly want you to feel heard and trusted to know what you want for yourself and your baby. I am relaxed, non-judgemental, honest and I'm usually quite good at making even the hardest and scariest decisions feel lighter. So, whether you want all the drugs or to be surrounded by 30 chanting women with drums, I'll be right there with you, giving you strength, holding your space and cheering you on.I offer antenatal, labour and postnatal support on an individually decided basis to ensure we meet your needs so feel free to suggest what works best for you or choose from one of my pre-planned packages designed to offer varying degrees of support.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an area that intrigues many people.I became an accredited healer in 2018 and since then have deeply explored the use of crystals to bring balance and peace to my clients.Each session includes a consultation and a tailored healing in which I will use crystals on and around your body to restore harmony.Whether you feel held back and unable to let something go or just want to lift your overall wellbeing and energy then do get in touch to find out more.


I would love to hear from you.If you'd like to arrange to have a meet up to see whether I'm the doula for you or maybe to know a little bit more about my yoga classes, just get in touch!